Copperstate Doubleheader
The proof is in the pre-roll, in labor costs, time consumption, finish quality, smokabiity and the Hefestus Aura 2000 has shown just that to some of the largest producers of pre-rolls in the United States. Here’s what people are saying…
“We struggled to find the right one because we fold our prerolls and do not twist them,” said Barb Hansen, Pre-Roll, Packaging & Inventory Manager for Copperstate. “I think the quality is as close to looking handmade as we can get.”

“We are producing at least 100,000 pre-rolls a week and our highest was 1,400 pre-rolls an hour. We also purchased the grinder and absolutely love the grinder.”

Copperstate Farms

Barb Hansen

kings garden

Swing and a Miss
Gary Lasalle, VP of Operations and partner with King’s Garden Inc., had swung and missed on an expensive pre-roll machine but had the courage to face another pitch. Then he hit a homer with the Hefestus Aura 2000.

“We tried another manufacturer that failed miserably,” Lasalle said. “We were gun shy about another but everything Hefestus said, they did. Their equipment is top notch.”

Put into use starting last Nov. 1, production now includes more than 35,000 pre-rolls a week with 7,500 5-packs hitting dispensary shelves.

“The Aura 2000 is working out phenomenally,” Lasalle said. “We are meeting all of our expectations and the Aura 2000 is doing everything they said. Our efficiency has increased, and the production has increased greatly. We’re saving money and the service has been great.”

Kings Garden

Gary Lasalle

A Stand-Up Triple
T-Rex Distribution decided to take a bigger approach to pre-rolls by purchasing an Aura

In order to keep up with demand of supplying dozens of clients, T-Rex turned to the Aura 2000 and can now produce 1 gram, .7 gram and .5 gram pre-rolls.

“We can almost double the production of what we could before when we run that machine and almost triple the production of hand rolling,” Otto Escobar, facility manager, said. “After previous failures, now we have product that works.”

The biggest satisfaction is a reflection on the T-Rex bottom line.

“More than anything, it helps us with time constraints.: Escobar said. “The service has been great and with your base now in Vegas, it’s even easier.”

T-rex Distribution

Otto Escobar

high grade

A Big Win for the Bottom Line
Speed in producing pre-rolls is foremost at High Grade of Phoenix to roll up a vast amount of premium-grade flower.

“It’s given us a more cost-effective option to automate a product sku that is extremely labor intensive and inefficient to produce,” said Jessica Ragel, Director of Operations. “The Aura 2000 has helped us meet demand needs and sustain stock on the shelf.”

“The service was great, and this team is extremely friendly. They do their best to set their clients up for success,” Ragel said. “They also take feedback well, which is nice as a purchaser of their equipment. They want to know how to improve.”

The results have been dramatic. “We have been able to reduce the time it takes to produce pre-rolls by about 70%.and overall, that reduces the cost to produce,” Ragel said.

High Gradeaz

Jessica Ragel