Advanced Pre-Roll Packaging Solutions for Cannabis Operators


A state-of-the-art, fully automated pre-roll machine designed for medium to large cannabis operators. Capable of producing 36 premium pre-rolls per minute with precision and consistency.


AuraOne offers efficiency, versatility, and innovation in pre-roll production. Capable of producing 18 quality pre-rolls per minute, featuring compact design, energy saving, and user-friendly operation.

Low-Heat Industrial Grinder

The PS-10 Industrial Grinder for dried & frozen buds separates stems from the buds, grinding flower into the desired size and consistency.

Tube Labeling Machine

Take your automation to the next level with this industrial labeling machine, featuring automatic pre-roll tube feed, adjustable centering & size mechanisms, roll conveyor & mechanical press for labels.

Pre-Roll Weighing Machine

Streamline and automate your pre-rolls’ weighing system with high-accuracy weight measurements and product consistency for rapid scaling and production.