Meet AuraX: Your Fully Automated Pre-Roll Machine

Out-roll the competition with precision.

Own your corner of the pre-roll market with the latest offering from Hefestus: the AuraX.

Designed for medium to large operators, the AuraX produces up to 36 premium pre-rolls per minute, marrying speed with quality precision.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Production – Capable of 36 pre-rolls/min without sacrificing quality.
  • Versatile – Adapts to various strains, cone sizes, and infusions.
  • Energy Efficient – Compact design, low power requirement.
  • User-Friendly – Simplified operation, minimal manpower needed.

The embodiment of 10+ years in pre-roll automation experience, the AuraX is more than a machine – it’s your partner in productivity, ensuring every pre-roll meets the highest standards of quality.

Experience reduced labor costs, increased ROI, and a product that stands out in the marketplace.

Ready to see what we can do?

Smart Cut VFiQ

This patented technology perfects pre-roll sizing by auto-adjusting cone volume for exact filling. Its design enables various joint sizes from a single pre-roll size, enhancing flexibility and consistency in your offerings.

Versatile Filling

AuraX’s versatility shines with any strain or infused material. Whether it’s fine grinds, larger particles, bubble hash, or the stickiest flower imaginable, expect consistent quality in every pre-roll.


Features a tamping vibration table to help accurately compress the filling in your pre-rolled cones and ensure consistency for sturdy, evenly packed joint and the ultimate smokablity for the best user experience.

Closed Fold Tip

AuraX employs patented pneumatic pistons for the ONLY Dutch Crown fold in pre-roll automation today, aligning with consumer appeal and experience.

Weighing & Validation

With this helpful Weight Checker add-on, each pre-roll is precisely weighed and validated, ensuring compliance and precise tracking.


Automate the tubing process, reducing the need for manual labor and streamlining production.

An industrial pre-roll machine you can count on.

As a forward-thinking cannabis operator, you understand the value of efficiency and quality in pre-roll production.

The AuraX empowers you to meet these goals, offering an output of 36 pre-rolls per minute with minimal space and power requirements. It’s your solution for scaling up production while maintaining top-notch quality.

By integrating AuraX into your process, you replace the uncertainty of manual labor with reliable, consistent output, positioning your business at the forefront of the industry.

The AuraX is your key to leading the market and optimizing your operations.

We work with the best!


Up To 2000 Prerolls/hour

Smart Cut VFiQ

One size fit all


Up to Replaces
16 Operators

Size & Shapes

Compatible With Cones & Straight Tubes

Infused Cannabis Filling

Works with all strains, including infused cannabis

FoldFinish DC

The Only real Crown Maker

Buyers Get Results

Helped Us Meet Demand
It’s given us a more cost-effective option to automate a product SKU that is extremely labor intensive and inefficient to produce. The Aura has helped us meet demand needs and sustain stock on the shelf. The service was great, and this team is extremely friendly. They do their best to set their clients up for success. They also take feedback well, which is nice as a purchaser of their equipment. They want to know how to improve.
Jessica Ragel
-Director of Operations, High Grade
Quality Rivals Hand-Rolled
We struggled to find the right one because we fold our prerolls and do not twist them, I think the quality is as close to looking handmade as we can get. We are producing at least 100,000 pre-rolls a week. We also purchased the grinder and absolutely love the grinder.
Barb Hansen
-Packaging & Inventory Manager, Copperstate
Working Out Phenomenally
We tried another manufacturer that failed miserably, We were gun shy about another but everything Hefestus said, they did. Their equipment is top notch. The Aura is working out phenomenally,We are meeting all of our expectations and the Aura is doing everything they said. Our efficiency has increased, and the production has increased greatly. We’re saving money and the service has been great. We felt in order to meet our standard and we needed to use yours instead of our machine.
Gary Lasalle
-VP of Operations, King’s Garden Inc.
This Machine is a No-Brainer
I would say to anybody that does mass production pre-rolls, this machine is a no brainer. Eliminate your labor, eliminate human error, eliminate lazy employees. And allow yourself to have a piece of equipment that functions properly for you, produces something that's super consistent, and is extremely reliable
Jay Vanderlaan
-Rare Michigan Genetics
A Great Pre-Roll Automation Partner
I couldn’t ask for a better partner in pre-roll machines than what Hefestus has been.
Taylor Balduff
-Owner at Forbidden Farms
Hefestus Has Been Awesome
We’re already thinking about buying a second machine.
Dave Nugent
-Packaging Manager at Driven Grow
Love At First Sight
From the very first introduction, it was clear to me that we would deal with Hefestes. Now our AuraX is running every day, six days a week.
Florian Lorenz
B2B Sales Director at CanAdelaar
Superior Automation for Superior Pre-Rolls
The product from the Hefestus machine is uniform and quality. The Dutch-crown fold is unique and the packaging is far superior.
Maurice Frankefort
-President at Vitra Biosciences

Our Brochure

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Machine MaterialsStainless Steel Frame & Non-corrosive food grade
Gross weight346 Kg
Shipping Info (crate Dimensions)120 x 120 x H160 cm
Internet ConnectionSecure cloud connection with WIFI / LAN
Machine Dimensions920 x 920 x H1438 mm
Power Requirements208-240V 2x16A 50-60Hz
Pressurized Air Requirements6 BARS Air compressor capacity: 80 gal/min + air Dryer
CleaningEthanol/Alcohol wipes & Dishwashing for parts