About Hefestus Cannabis Pre-Roll Automation

Most cannabis operators struggle to produce quality pre-rolls at scale.

If you’re not careful, this labor-intensive SKU will wreck your business model.

Production bottlenecks, missed deadlines, lost shelf space – pulling out of a downward tailspin like this is not easy.

Automation is the natural solution (especially if you’re doing at least 30k-50k pre-rolls per month), but operators run into another big problem here.

How to choose the right pre-roll automation machine? 

Too many operators have invested in pre-roll machines that barely run and are too complicated to work with or maintain.

In an industry with such tight margins and intense regulations, operators deserve better than that. The return on investment has to be there.

This is the differentiating factor for Aura Pre-Roll Machines by Hefestus.


It helps that we have a head start on the competition with 30+ years of total automation experience and 10+ years in pre-roll automation.

And the success that Hefestus celebrates with almost all of its pre-roll automation clients is much more than that.

Pre-rolls Aura 2000

Pre-roll automation that does exactly what you need it to

Whether you’re looking at the AuraX or the AuraOne – here are a few quick hits:

  • Automated Dutch-Crown Fold – If you want to delight consumers, why twist your joints when you can fold them? No other pre-roll machine on the market can do this.
  • Infused Pre-Rolls – The popularity of infused pre-rolls is quickly rising. If you need a machine that can handle the stickiest stuff imaginable, Hefestus has got you covered.
  • One Paper Fits All Pre-Roll Sizes – No more wasting money on different paper sizes. No more costly machine changeovers for different pre-roll SKUs. The Aura employs smart cutting technology for pre-rolls of all shapes and sizes from a single paper size. 
  • Easy Design & Small Footprint – You don’t need an engineering degree to work with our machines. They’re easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to take apart. The machine is also compact: 3.02 x 3.02 x 4.72 feet.


Minimal Downtime & 24/7 Tech Support

Hefestus machines experience very little downtime. 

Part of that comes down to quality engineering, and the other factor here is that we take care of our customers.

During installation, a Hefestus tech specialist will spend up to five days on site, training your team on every aspect of the machine. 

After that, our support team is available 24/7 to walk you through any issues and can even remotely access your machine to diagnose and/or troubleshoot as needed.

If you’re ready to see what a serious pre-roll automation machine can do, let’s schedule a live demo today.