Hefestus Ltd., established in 1993, is a developer and manufacturer of top sealing packaging solutions.
In 2014, Hefestus developed the first model of the cannabis cone rolling robot, and there are now 4 machines deployed in Israel, supplying all the prerolls for all Israeli medical cannabis users (approx 40K).

The first machines for export are being deployed in the US in the Q1, 2019.
Hefestus is a privately owned company and is situated in the Caesarea Industrial Park – Israel.

Pre-rolls Aura 2000

Our machines combine an innovative patent of MAP SLB™ technology.
Hefestus’ machines are sold to Eastern & Western Europe, USA, Russia, South Africa, Australia and Japan. Hefestus Ltd has developed and registered worldwide the SLB™ “Shelf Life Booster”.
patent – with SLB modified atmosphere packaging operations are simplified and production rates increased; Hefestus Ltd specializes in supplying unique and complete packaging solutions for the food, cannabis, cosmetic
and pharmaceutical industries. We have a wide variety of standard and custom-made equipment, from manual machines to fully automatic lines, suitable for all budgets and packaging needs.