From flower to premium pre-rolled cones!

Hefestus Pre-Roll Packaging Machines: We’re Changing the Game

Boost your pre-roll operation with machine automation using the Aura Gen 5 cone roller, with a built in scale to measure weight for producing high quality consistency for premium pre-roll products! 

Our machines are designed to have a minimal carbon footprint with compact dimensions in one easy-to-control automatic pre-roll station. Now you can save space and energy while optimizing your workflow. 

Sophisticated and simple is a key advantage to working with Hefesuts’ industrial automation and pre-roll packaging machines. 

We also design a range of powerful machine add-ons to even further enhance your production, from industrial grinders to various labelling and tube packaging options for a custom brand experience.

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A Trusted Producer of Automatic Pre-Roll Machines

From flower to premium pre-rolled cones!

Hefestus Pre-Roll Packaging Machines: We’re Changing the Game

Hefestus provides a variety of powerful machinery for streamlining and automating your preroll operation at scale. Create a fast and efficient workflow by combining all three stations for rolling, labelling and packaging together.

Aura Pre-Roll Packaging Machine for Cones

The Aura preroll machine offers an advanced cone rolling station designed for packaging premium commercial products at scale.

Aura is a fully automatic, industrial pre-roll machine that is easy to control and operate, with a minimal carbon footprint for producing quality pre-rolls.

Simply add the pre-rolled paper cone sizes of your choice and Aura will begin filling them with the grounded up buds, tamping, weighing and folding the open ends for a premium look and excellent smokeability. 

Consistency and precision is our specialty! 

Automated Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging Machine
Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Industrial Grinder

We provide a range of automated machinery that is designed to work together and deliver lasting value to your pre-roll operation. 

Our Industrial Grinder helps grind up the buds, breaking the flowers apart from the stems to sift and separate the buds from the rest, enabling you to produce premium pre-rolls that meet the specific requirements and preferences of your customers. 

With its durable design, both dry and frozen nuggets can be put in our industrial grinders for quick and easy grinding at large scale. 

When paired with the Aura Pre-Roll machines, the Hefestus Industrial Grinder can produce high-quality, premium pre-roll cones that your customers will love!

Tube Labeling Machine

To complete the pre-roll production process, there’s our tube labeling machine, which uses smart centering technology to create special label shapes and sizes.

This machine is designed to meet your specific packaging requirements as it works with tubes of different shapes and sizes too.
Tubes are labeled on a roller conveyor using an automatic wrap-around labeler with mechanically-controlled press-to-secure functionality.

Weed Tube Labeling Machine

Hefestus - The Preferred Pre-Roll Packaging Company

At Hefestus, we are passionate about helping our customers create pre-rolls that the market can’t stop talking about.
We’ve paired our extensive industry experience with simple sophistication to design a pre-roll packaging system that is affordable, easy to operate, versatile, and compact.

Our automated pre-roll machine is a third of the size of most other packaging companies and only requires a third of the power. Not to mention the fact that you only need one person to operate them.

As a Hefestus customer, you are guaranteed a personalized experience from start to finish. Along with taking you through the specifics of our machines and how it packages cones, we will also ensure you know exactly how to set up and operate them.

Ready to see what this system is capable of?

Packaging Machine FAQs

This is dependent on how much product you plan on using as well as your exact pre-roll specifications. For example, a finer grind produces more filling, which can be used to produce a higher number of cones.

Start by adjusting cone size and setting your material preferences before adding your materials to the Aura machine – a smart grip system helps streamline this process. The machine will then start filling the cones, after which vibrating functionality mimics hand tapping to achieve the right consistency. A hands-free folding mechanism seals the cone tips to perfection before the pre-rolls are ejected.

You only need one person to operate each of the Hefestus machines, including the Aura, which is our top-seller.

It’s recommended that you have at least 1m x 1m of space available.

Almost never! This is one of the reasons why we are a leading producer of marijuana packaging machines.