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Rotating MAP Sealing Machine with or without MAP

APOLLO uses Hefestus Technologies’ SLB™ in a compact rotating machine, easy to operate & maintain.

APOLLO is ideal for cups (trays too!) with single or double configuration for higher production rates.

Machine dimensionsL 1030x W 1100x H 1600 mm
Machine weight355 kg
Speed12-30 trays/min
Max. cup/tray dim.See table
Max. outer diameter film roll270 mm
Power Europe1 phase 220V 25A 2000W
Power USA2 phase 220V 25A 2000W

APOLLO is a versatile model, in two major versions:
Semi Automatic

  1. Manual cup feeding
  2. automatic sealing
  3. automatic exit

Fully Automatic

  1. automatic (empty) cup feeding
  2. automatic filling (all substances)
  3. automatic sealing
  4. automatic exit

Solutions for:

  1. Dairies
  2. Fresh fruit
  3. Delicacies
  4. Pickles
  5. Dips & pastes
  6. Nuts, peanuts, dry fruit