saealing machines

extended shelf life


Automatic Linear Sealing Machine- with or without MAP.

HERCULES with its compact dimensions, unique tray conveying system and flexibility in feeding & output directions, may easily be integrated into existing production lines.

Tray feeding: in single line (directly from customer’s production)
Tray Automatic MAP sealing: Double configuration: 2 trays at a time.
Tray output: in single line (onto customer’s conveyor).

HERCULES is the ultimate answer for MAP high speed quality packaging.

HERCULES can easily be used as a basic tray sealer (without modified atmosphere). In this mode (easily switched on/off) production rate is further enhanced .

Multiple sealing heads can be used for various trays Easy changeover: change only sealing head and film roll in less than 15 minutes!

Machine dimensionsL 2213 * W 1637 * H 1915 mm
Machine weight1000 kg
Speed15-60 trays/min
Max. cup/tray dim.See table
Max. diameter film roll270 mm
Power Europe1 phase 380V 25A 1500W
Power USA2 phase 380V 25A 1500W

Solutions for:

  1. The meat industry: fresh, frozen and processed meat delicacies
  2. Fish: whole fresh, sliced, smoked & frozen
  3. Fresh produce: whole, peeled or sliced fruits & vegetables Baked goods: whole baked cakes, quality cookies, chilled pizza, half-baked pastries etc.
  4. Dairy products: hard cheeses
  5. Ready meals
  6. Fresh pasta