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Automatic Linear Sealing Machine – with or without MAP

ARTEMIS is an automatic high speed tray sealer, compact & affordable machine.

ARTEMIS has a unique “double rod” SERVO driven, low agitation conveyor, providing precision & flexibility to user.

ARTEMIS is “wash down” designed – ideal for the food industry, easily operated thru an advanced and “user friendly” PLC controller. This machine can easily handle a large range of trays, in almost any size and form.

Artemis, as all of Hefestus Technologies’ machines, is custom made to fit specific products. In the basic model, prefilled trays are manually placed for perfect sealing in modified atmosphere.

Machine dimensionsL 2100 x W 1150 x H 1900 mm.
Machine weight650 Kg
Speed15-60 trays/min
Max. cup/tray dim.See table
Max. diameter film roll270 mm
Power Europe1 phase 220V 25A 2500W
Power USA2 phase 220V 25A 2500W

Hefestus Technologies offers a variety of units to integrate with Artemis:

  1. Automatic feeding of trays from a single line input conveyor at 90°
  2. Automatic feeding of trays from a “ready meal” assembly line at 180°
  3. “Press on” lids unit, integral to machine
  4. Output “SLAT” single line conveyor at 90° (for labeling & printing)
  5. Output “Two-to-One” conveyor at 180°
  6. Rotating collection table
  7. And more

When moving between products – change only sealing head and film roll in less than 15 minutes!