The Aura 2000 Robotic Pre-roll maker is one of the lowest priced machines, for the capabilities, on the market.  We call it “Simplistic Sophistication” due to its uniquely intuitive simple design, yet with versatile capabilities to get the job done efficiently with a wide variety of flower, cone variability, and sizing demands.  Pricing is dependent on the options required, once we dial in your specific requirements, we can further discuss pricing.  Our pricing is completely inclusive of transportation to your facility, installation, and training of your selected operators for your specific flower.

That is a trick question. That depends on how well your people can do. We have found that our machine, in the field can produce the following numbers:

  • .35 gr approx. 2200/hr
  • .50 gr approx. 2000/hr
  • .70 gr approx. 1800/hr
  • 1.0 gr approx. 1600/hr

The answer is how many people does it take your company to produce these same numbers?  Which leads us to the next question…

Our clients have run as many as three machines with one person. 

  • One meter wide
  • One meter deep
  • One point six meters tall
  • We have the versatility to run anywhere from .25 – 1 gr.
  • Based upon cone size and we make custom cone holders.
  • Our customers are currently running
    • .35 gr
    • .50 gr
    • .70 gr
    • 1.0 gr


It takes up to 15 minutes to make a cone size changeover

We have over 45 machines running in North America and counting

  • Quick clean takes around 15 minutes
  • Complete cleaning takes around 45 minutes