Aura 2000 Pre-Roll Machine Creates a Buzz and MJBizCon

VEGAS – At the recent MJBizCon convention, hundreds of conventioneers descended upon the Hefestus booth like a swarm of bees to see what all the buzz was about for its state-of-the-art pre-roll machine, the Aura 2000. For three days, the attraction to the latest technical advancement in pre-rolls in the cannabis business drew rave reviews.

Preroll machines have been around for years, but early models contained frustrating flaws that were costly while producing an inferior product. Crowds surrounding the Hefestus booth were up to four people deep to catch a glimpse of the machine that is revolutionizing the making of a cone joint.

Pre-rolls Aura 2000

Reliable as a Toyota with the speed of a Lamborghini are the earmarks of one machine that works, created by designers at Hefestus Technologies Ltd. The international company has crafted the Aura 2000 Robotic Pre-Roll System.  Looking at this Pre-Roll “Robot of The Future,” the potential owner sets sights on masses of stainless steel, food-grade containers, holders and cables. There are holders for cones, containers for either cannabis or hemp, and some funny-looking components that take a company tech to explain. The consistent density from these beautiful cones are combined with a patented mechanism to manifest the Dutch Crown fold with ends that create a superior branding for Aura 2000 clients.

Consistency is key: The last thing a dispensary or farm wants is to hear are complaints about their pre-rolls. One of the most glaring problems facing cannabis industry business owners today is pre-roll consistency and a lack of smokeability. Are cones coming out too tight, too loose? Do they smoke evenly?

Whether young or old, clients crave consistency. Joints that feel hollow or ones that the roll is too tight can be a total bummer. Consistency in smokeability leads to repeat customers looking for that smooth fire. However, the density of cannabis can vary from strain to strain, rendering most machines unable to deal with the differences, thus leading to costly downtime.  Hefestus Technologies eliminates that with the proper training needed for an operation as smooth as its smoke.

Tried & True: While other companies offer a multitude of machines to cover all the bases, Hefestus Technologies Ltd. needs just one. With the proper training, the Aura 2000 machine will handle any strain without down time. Those who have purchased it rave about the exceptionally reliable operation in arenas in the United States and Israel. Sales of cannabis pre-rolls are up nearly 50 percent in 2020 despite the pandemic, but having an expensive machine stay idle is a dead end. Over the past 8 years, 35-plus Aura machines can be found operating in client’s facilities that have produced more than 10,000,000 pre-rolls to date! The key — simplistic sophistication adjusts to the flower you have.

A Quick History: The ingenuity behind this machine from Hefestus Technologies Ltd. started 31 years ago in the demand to make automation equipment for the food and pharma industry in Israel. Founder Yehuda Yamay’s company quickly grew and his reputation for development of automation equipment for those specific Industries grew as well. Yehuda’s designs are simplistic, intuitive (before Apple coined the phrase), and most of all, they work.

The Birth of the Aura 2000 came 8 years ago, Yehuda’s friend started a medical cannabis company in Israel and asked Yehuda to design and build automated equipment for his facility. Labor in Israel can be expensive, and some repetitive tasks exhaust employees to the point of amplified inefficiencies. Understanding how joints are made from Yehuda’s sons, and maintaining the modus operandi of his food and pharma industry success, Yehuda designed the Aura 2000. The finest components utilizing only premium components come from the top companies, and the technology utilizes secure cloud connection with WIFI / LAN to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any potential issues.

The Five Stations of the Aura 2000 Robotic Pre-Roll System: This system is simplistic in design, thorough in its methodology to create top quality pre-rolls. Five stations to create the perfect pre-roll many times over.

·         The First Station: A beautifully designed carousel that automatically feeds the cones into the holders with optics to ensure every holder is fed a cone. A vacuum is used to ensure that the top of the cone is opened to receive material. The added forethought to make sure the operator is able to constantly feed additional cones while the machine is working increases efficiency.

·         The Second Station feeds the material into the cones. It is a dual-feeding system that includes an auger and vibration to constantly and precisely feed the cones. It also vibrates the bottom of the cones to ensure the material density is consistent and within the requirements.

·         The Third Station: Tamping the cones to the desired density makes sure that the finest customer experience and smokeability is achieved.

·         The Forth Station: The perfection of the design and the patented processing is definitely found in this Forth Station. Yehuda started with a twist mechanism, but quickly realized the importance of customer experience in producing the best look for pre-rolls. He, and his clients, wanted better, if not best in class. He devised the “Dutch Crown” folding technology and created the premier brand appearance for the industry.

·         The Fifth Station: The end result is the ejection of the aesthetically beautiful, completed cones from the machine.

The Aura 2000 features Intuitive Simplicity. Yes. Intuitive. Not an overpriced Ferrari, but more like a dependable, affordable Toyota.

Cost effectiveness: Price remains most important to all, it will run ????? per machine that comes delivered and installed with training, not the four or five hundred thousand bucks sought by competitors.

Installation & Training: Hefestus Technologies stands behind each and every machine and fully supports their customers with a full training session of 3 to 4 days at the client’s facility, and they make sure it runs in that facility with all the clients’ strains.

The facts: The Aura 2000 comes with a One-Year Warranty from North American-based technicians, CE – Marking Standard with UL – Safety Certification. Hefestus Technologies Ltd, has an office in North America at 750 Dorrell Ln., #120, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89086. Telephone 702.881.1970. Email Web site