Semi-Automatic MAP Sealing
Machine for cannabis products.

Hefestus’ patented MAP (SLB™) replaces atmosphere of sealed product without applying mechanical vacuum!

Your benefits

  • Preserve cannabinoid profile of your product
  • Extended shelf life up to 3 fold!
  • Tamper evident
  • Controlled & dry atmosphere
  • Adjustable parameters


  • Perforation – for easy partial opening
  • Sensor for printed film

Use it to seal

  • Pre-rolls in shaped blisters
  • Ready to roll portions
  • Bud jars

Seal process is fully automatic, with easily controlled parameters to assure best results every time


Production capacity720-750 Packages / Hour
Machine Dimensions855 x 1045 x H 1485 mm
Machine materialsStainless Steel & non-corrosive food
grade materials
Gross weight (in crate)300 Kg
Chargeable (air) weight384 kg
Shipping Info (crate Dimensions)120 x 120 x H160 cm


Air compressor 6 BAR with 80 gallon tank
Power supply: 220V 50-60 Hz. 1500 W 2 Phase

Max. Cup / Tray dimensions

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