Industrial Grinder PS-10

Industrial Grinder

The Hefestus Industrial Grinder is the perfect solution for grinding up dried and frozen buds and removing the stems. It automatically separates the buds from the stems, and chops them up into small “flakes,” ready to be consumed by smoking or vaporizing. 

The Hefestus industrial grinder works well with all kinds of textures and is tailor-made for automating bulk production at scale.

A Trusted Producer of Automatic Pre-Roll Machines


  • Industrial capacity
  • Strong & durable machine
  • Highly homogenized output
  • Optimal for preroll automation.


Industrial Grinder PS-10

Specs PSC-10:

NameIndustrial grinder
Power supply208V, 3p, 50-60Hz 16AMP.
Main motor4kW
Speed of rotating cylinder:55rpm@50Hz
Materials & treatmentContact parts in SS316

 Machine base in CS sheathed with SS304 plates

Industrial Grinder PS-10

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