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Zeus Granular

Fully Automatic industrial Linear Machine – With or without MAP

ZEUS is a linear solid inserts machine, combining “old school” industrial production with innovative Hefestus’ technology.

ZEUS is a high capacity model and can handle up to 150 units /min. Hefestus Technologies’ “workhorse”.

ZEUS machines are “tailor made” to suit your needs.

ZEUS for all sizes & shapes of containers.

Packed products may be then sterilized in autoclave, thus replacing old fashioned aluminum cans.

Machine dimensions (average)L 5320 x W 1780 x H 1600 mm
Weight900 kg
Speed12-20 cycles/min
Max. cup/tray dim.See table
Max. diameter film roll270 mm
Power Europe1 phase 380V 25A 2000W
Power USA2 phase 220V 25A 2000W

Hefestus Technologies offers a variety of units to Integrate with Zeus

  1. Tray/cup denester
  2. A wide variety of fillers for ALL substances
  3. CIP – Cleaning In Process (dairy standard)
  4. Laminar flow
  5. UV/”Ultra clean”
  6. Top sealing with plastic film with or without MAP
  7. Sealing with precut aluminum/PP (on plastic or aluminum containers)
  8. Lid placing (press-on) or capping (twist on)
  9. Coding: (stamp, inkjet, thermo printer)
  10. Labeling: anywhere on tray/cup

Solutions for:

  • Vegetable salad assortments – coleslaw, eggplant etc.
  • Dairy products: cream or hard cheeses, yoghurt & flavorings
  • Comfitures/honey
  • Dips & spreads
  • Dehydrated ready meals
  • Ready to heat meals (soup, pasta, rice)
  • Sweets, snacks
  • Delicacies

This model incorporates: SLB TM Hefestus Technologies’ registered patent for MAP without mechanical vacuum