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Automatic Rotating Feed Fill & Seal Machine – with or without MAP

HERMES is a complete Production Line. HERMES model is classic for cups (trays too!) with up to 3 cups’ configuration, allowing you to triple your production rate.

Machine dimensionsL 1550 x W 1500 x H 1800 – 2000 mm
Machine (net-average) weight650 kg
Speed20-75 cups/min
Max. cup/tray dim.See table
Max. cup dimensions – for single sealing head180mm
Max. outer diameter film roll270 mm
Power Europe1 phase 220V 25A 2000W
Power USA2 phase 220V 25A 2000W

HERMES comes in two versions:

  1. Feed Fill & MAP Seal with plastic film
  2. Feed Fill & Seal with precut aluminum (without modified atmosphere)

Hefestus Technologies offers a variety units to integrate with Hermes

  1. A wide variety of fillers for any substance
  2. Lid placing (press-on) or capping (twist on)
  3. Coding: (stamp, inkjet, thermal printer)
  4. Labeling: (side or top)
  5. CIP – Cleaning In Process (dairy standard)
  6. Laminar flow
  7. UV “Ultra clean”

Solutions for:

  1. Cooked vegetable salads (coleslaw, eggplant etc.)
  2. Dairies
  3. Comfitures/honey/soft drinks (in personal containers)
  4. Delicacies
  5. Dips & pastes
  6. Powdered products
  7. Fresh fruits & vegetables